Commodity:  Gold in Low Sulphidation Veins and Stockworks
Partnerships: Available for Joint Venture
Location:  located approximately 40 Km North of Cerro Vanguardia gold mine, operated by Anglo American in the center of the Deseado Massif. 

Project Operator: Magna Terra Minerals Inc. has 100% control, through a lease agreement with a private citizen of the Piedra Negra M.D.s and Puyutano Cateo.
Property Information: This land package constitutes 20,000 hectares with the project occupying a small corner of the Piedra Negra II M.D. as well as a small corner of the Puyutano Cateo.. The area of interest is divided for convenience into 4 zones which, from North to South, are the “Domos de Puyutano”, “Vetas Hermanas”, “Vetas Ocultas” and “Domos de Piedra Negra”. The vein and stockwork field varies in width from 250 m to 700 m and has a strike length of 2.4 Km from north to south.

Geology: This is the latest project discovered in 2017, and has recently has geophysical surveys and is drill ready. The Project is characterized by gold bearing, low sulphidation veins and stockworks, hosted in andesitic tuffs and rhyolitic domes of the Bajo Pobre and Chon Aike Formations resppectively. The ground magnetic survey constituted a block of 1.8 km by 3.3 km with 100 m line spacing. The induced polarization (IP) pole-dipole survey comprised 12 lines with 200 m spacing and 25 m dipoles with a depth of investigation to 100 m. The surveys are illustrated below v with an overlay of gold from 460 select rock chip samples taken in 2017. Surface gold occurs in north-south striking veins which are represented as magnetic lows  and zones of resistivity at 90 m depth  Where resistivity is related to surface gold it defines drill targets for a first phase program. Petrographic studies of six samples from veins at Piedra Negra show three phases of silica and that gold, silver, and electrum are present free floating in the silica, physically independent from other sulphides. The styles of quartz, the infill, and textures, as well as, the mineral associations are comparable to those recognized at the Cerro Vanguardia deposit. The three principal mineralization target types at Piedra Negra are:

1) Outcropping, gold bearing, north-south striking veins supported by ground magnetic and resistive anomalies. 

2) West-northwest and east-west striking dilatational structures mapped in ground magnetics. 

3) Fluid traps under rhyolitic domes with gold bearing stockworks at surface 

Piedra Negra is drill ready, and the Company has designed a preliminary drill plan of 17 holes totalling 2000 metres to test first priority targets.