Commodity: Prospecting for Gold in Low Sulphidation veins and breccias.

Partner: Early stage prospect which is not yet available for JV
Location: The property is located approximately 70 Km East of the Cerro Vanguardia gold mine (Anglo American) and 60 Km SW of the Cerro Moro Silver Mine (Yamana). 
Project Operator: Magna Terra Minerals has 100% control of the Katrina Cateo.

Property Information: Katrina Cateo constitutes 10,000 Hectares of exploration rights, much of which is covered in post mineral stratigraphy but with small erosional windows into the prospective Jurassic stratigraphy.

Geology: The stratigraphy of seen on the Katrina Cateo is as follows:
i) Tertiary or younger – rounded float (“rodados patagonigicos”)
ii) Cretaceous – volcanic ash deposits
iii) Cretaceous – Marine sediments with pectin and bivalves
iv) Jurassic – Course red sandstone and conglomerate
v) Jurassic – Andesitic volcanics
Units (i – iii) are post mineral. The red sandstones of unit iv tend to be preserved in areas where the underlying units are silicified or have veins. The Jurassic Andesitic volcanics outcrop sparsely but have produced some significant gold, silver anomalies.

Whilst work is at a very early stage we note that initial prospecting at Katrina provided significant evidence of hydrothermal activity and mineralization. 

We are currently planning further campaigns in the area to advance prospection and mapping and to define the mineralized footprint.